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Students may face situations that require them to seek out exceptions to policy.  The most common of these relate to Enrollment, Leave of Absence, and Time Limit Extensions.  A student who wishes to request an exception to policy must begin by contacting his or her advisor or graduate director.

If the request is endorsed by the department, the petition is submitted to COGA by the department using the appropriate PTD form.  COGA reviews most petitions and is responsible for striking an appropriate balance between academic policies, which are intended to maintain the academic quality of KU's graduate programs, and a student’s unique circumstances. 

Petitions that require COGA review only are processed twice weekly.  Requests for additional information or other special circumstances may cause a delay in the review of the petition.  Delays also occur during times when degree completion processes are at their peak.  Departments will be notified when this occurs. 

If you submit an especially time sensitive petition, please email Morgan Swartzlander at after the PTD form is submitted so that she may expedite the review.  An expedited review will only be completed for those petitions that are truly time sensitive, e.g., dealing with matters that hinder enrollment near the enrollment deadline.

Certain petitions require review by the Policies and Student Petitions Subcommittee of the Committee on Graduate Studies ( CGS).  For more information, please refer to the full list of petitions under the review of these committees.  The subcommittee typically meets twice per month throughout the academic year and on an as-needed basis during the summer semester.  See the first two columns of the CGS Submission Deadlines Chart to determine the timing of committee petition reviews, depending upon submission date.  Petitions are not reviewed by the full committee.

See the PTD Guide for more information on specific petitions.  View our degree completion Prezi» for more information on the Graduate Degree Completion Agreement and Time Limit Extension petitions.