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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mail my documents to COGA?
Yes, but all documents should be submitted to if possible. If you must mail your documents, please use the following address: College Office of Graduate Affairs, University of Kansas, Strong Hall, 1450 Jayhawk Blvd., Room 102, Lawrence, KS 66045-7535.
What is an embargo and should I place one on my work?
Embargoes are generally advised if you have a publishing agreement for your entire manuscript, or if your research is of a sensitive nature. Embargoes can only be granted with the signature endorsement of your dissertation advisor or Director of Graduate Studies on your ETD Release form. By signing, your advisor agrees that your submission will be held from public access for up to 2 years. More information about embargoes is provided by the Office of Graduate Studies».
What is copyrighting and should I register a copyright for my work?
You are advised to register your copyright, but it’s not mandatory. UMI can file a copyright on your behalf with the Library of Congress for a fee. Please see KU Libraries' information on copyright» and image copyright». 
How can I obtain a formal document that states I have completed all requirements and will soon be awarded the degree?
Once you complete all requirements for the degree, you may request a Statement of Forthcoming Degree» from the Registrar's Office.  For more more information, you can read about the Statement of Forthcoming Degree in our Diplomas section.
Which companies provide binding services?
Please visit the Graduate Studies website» for recommended binding companies.
Will COGA check my submission before the graduation deadline?
It is the student’s responsibility to file the thesis or dissertation before the Application for Graduation deadline, and to ensure that it meets all ProQuest and University formatting guidelines.  COGA staff will verify that the submission has been completed prior to the deadline, as this is a requirement of graduation.  COGA staff also complete a basic formatting check as a courtesy to students.  We make every effort to do this check before the degree verification process is complete, though an unusually large number of graduates may cause delays. You will receive an email notification when your thesis has been reviewed and the formatting approved, or if there are formatting changes needed. In the latter case, you will be given a deadline to complete the changes.
When will others be able to find my thesis on UMI/ProQuest?
COGA does not submit the final approval for these works to UMI/ProQuest until after the degree certification process is complete. Your work will not be available through UMI/ProQuest until after that time. COGA delivers your work to UMI/ProQuest generally within 2 weeks after degrees have been added to transcripts.  Once it has been delivered, UMI/Proquest takes about 12 weeks to publish your work.  If you have ordered a hard copy, that will be an additional 4-6 weeks.  If you place an embargo on your work, it will not be available until the embargo is lifted. Once made available, theses and dissertations can be accessed through the UMI/ProQuest database».
When will I get my official diploma?
Diplomas will not be available until the middle of the following semester. You will be notified when your diploma is available for pick-up. Please look at the academic calendar on the Registrar's website for the specific date it will become available. You may also have your diploma mailed to you by selecting this option when you complete the online Application for Graduation.  
Is there a special ceremony for doctoral degree candidates?
Yes. In addition to Commencement, all doctoral degree candidates are invited to participate in the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony each May. The Office of Graduate Studies » coordinates the event.
Is there a special ceremony for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences master's degree candidates?
Yes. In addition to Commencement, all candidates for master's degrees in the College are invited to participate in the College’s Master’s Hooding ceremony. More information about the ceremony can be found in our Ceremonies section.