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Doctoral Degree Checklist

"My Graduation Checklist"

Beginning Spring 2022, PhD students will submit all documents and track the completion of graduation requirements via their My Graduation Checklist site in Canvas. The My Graduation Checklist Canvas site will also be your online hub for all instructions and resources related to degree completion and graduation. 

See the Preparing to Graduate page for detailed information about when you can expect your Graduation Checklist to be activated. 

If your checklist has already been activated, Log in to Canvas and go to "My Graduation Checklist" in your current "courses".

COGA will use your My Graduation Checklist to verify that all items on the are completed by the deadlineAny requirement not submitted or submitted after the deadline will cause graduation to be delayed.  In addition to a completed My Graduation Checklist, COGA verifies the following as part of the final degree certification after the deadline: 1) the resolution of any Incomplete, Missing or Waiting grades, 2) final GPA of 3.0 or above, 3) satisfactory completion of the final exam or defense, and 4) that the dissertation meets all formatting requirements.

The checklist below which provides a general overview of requirements, and the CLAS Graduation Calendar as a guide to deadlines. 

Doctoral Checklist Overview

To be considered a degree candidate in any given semester, all degree requirements must be fulfilled and required documentation submitted no later than the University-wide Application for Graduation deadline. 

The University has also established an early degree completion deadline that some students may wish to take advantage of.  If a student meets all departmental and University requirements by this deadline, and was enrolled during the previous semester, they are able to graduate for that semester without having to enroll for that semester.  This deadline falls approximately two weeks after the start of the Fall and Spring semesters, one week after the start of the Summer session. 

To qualify for a Spring 2022 degree, all requirements must be completed by the Spring 2022 Graduate Application for Graduation Deadline, Friday, May 13thGraduate students who complete all requirements on the list below by Tuesday, June 14ththe Summer 2022 Early Graduation Deadline, will receive a Summer 2022 degree, but are not required to enroll for the Summer 2022 term.


⇒Apply for Graduation (AFG)

  • To submit the Application for Graduation, log in to Enroll & Pay and navigate to Degree Progress & Graduation --> KU Apply for Graduation.
  • Complete this step by the 20th day of classes for your My Graduation Checklist to be activated as early as possible!
  • In addition to notifying the University of your intent to complete all requirements for a degree for a given semester, submitting your AFG also provides KU with your preferences for your diploma and graduation ceremonies, including:
    • Name – How you would like your name to appear on your printed diploma. This can be a preferred or publishing name.  It is not required to be your legal name or your primary KU name.
    • After Graduation Address –  Where you'd like your diploma to be mailed, which happens about 8 weeks after finals week the semester you graduate.
    • Ceremony Privacy Preferences –  How you want to be involved with graduation ceremonies:
      1. Commencement Booklet Hold –  If you select “Yes” to this, your name will not appear in any KU graduation ceremony program booklets (e.g. Doctoral Hooding Ceremony, Master's Hooding Ceremony, KU Commencement).
      2. Mail hold – Selecting “Yes” will block you from receiving any paper mail or email from KU about graduation ceremonies. You will get to avoid any mailings that KU or advertisers might send (e.g. solicitations for invitation cards, rings, photos, etc.); however, you will also not receive any important notifications about ceremonies.  
      3. Media Hold – Selecting “Yes” will remove your name from the announcement of KU graduates that appears in the Lawrence Journal World and KU Today.

⇒Electronic Dissertation Submission

⇒Doctoral Surveys

⇒Title page and Acceptance page

  • Upload your title and acceptance page PDFs via My Graduation Checklist in Canvas
  • These items are submitted until after you've successfully completed your defense. Information and instructions for formatting and submitting them will be in your Graduation Checklist in Canvas.

⇒ETD Release Form

⇒Consult with your department/advisor

  • Confirm that all program-specific academic requirements for the degree have been met.


⇒Fees paid to UMI/Proquest (optional)