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Preparing to Graduate

Graduate students in the College have three opportunities each year—corresponding to Application for Graduation deadlines in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters—to apply for and receive their degree. Please see the CLAS Graduation Calendar for details and deadlines. The COGA is responsible for verifying degree requirements for all College graduate programs and is available to provide direct assistance to graduating students.

Students should utilize COGA’s Student Degree Checklists and CLAS Graduation Calendar as a guide to all application and submission requirements and deadlines. There are separate checklists for Master's and Doctoral students.  While departments and COGA make every effort to provide information and assistance, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to ensure that all degree requirements have been met and necessary documentation submitted to COGA by the Application for Graduation deadline. 

COGA reviews a students file to see that all items on the student checklist are completed by the Application for Graduation deadline. Any requirement not submitted or submitted after the deadline will cause the student's graduation to be delayed.  In addition to the checklist items, COGA verifies the following as part of the final degree certification: 1) the resolution of any Incomplete, Missing or Waiting grades, 2) final GPA of 3.0 or above, 3) satisfactory completion of the final exam or defense, and 4) satisfactory submission of the thesis or dissertation.

Departments provide confirmation to COGA that all departmental requirements have been met, and work with their individual faculty to resolve any outstanding grade issues.  Departments must also observe the College's deadline to submit outcomes of final exams/defenses. Exams should be scheduled accordingly to ensure that the outcomes can be recorded by this date.

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