College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Incomplete Grades

Instructors may submit an I (Incomplete) grade for any course to indicate that some part of a student's work has not been finished.  A student who has an I posted for a course must make up the work by the date established by the instructor (in consultation with the student) and in accordance with University policy.

All I grades must be assigned a letter grade within one calendar year or before the last day of the student's graduation term, whichever comes first. (One calendar year is calculated from the original grade due date from the semester in which the class was initially taken.)  If an instructor fails to enter a new grade within this time frame, the I will convert to an F (or to the lapse grade assigned by the course instructor).

Graduate students preparing to graduate should make every effort to have all I grades resolved prior to completing degree requirements to ensure that these do not convert to an F grade.  This is especially important for students with GPAs close to 3.0 for whom an F grade may jeopardize their good academic standing and thereby their receipt of the degree.

The College does not allow graduate students to take the oral comprehensive exam for PhD if a waiting grade (WG) or an incomplete (I) grade is listed on the student’s transcript.  Students may be permitted to take the final examination or to go forward with a thesis or dissertation defense; however, a final grade must be entered by the semester grade deadline in order for a student to be approved for graduation.