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Status Changes

All graduate students are expected to fit into one of the following enrollment categories at all times while completing the credits required for the fulfillment of their degrees:

Enrolled (or active Post-Comprehensive Exam Enrollment for Doctoral Candidates)

Leave of Absence

Voluntary Discontinued


Students seeking to change their status should discuss their situation with their individual program adviser in advance.  

Students who are not in one of the enrollment categories listed above by the 60th instructional day of classes (in the Spring or Fall) will be automatically deactivated by the Registrar's Office.  During this time, their KU ID is no longer active and all University services, including access to Enroll & Pay are disabled; however, time spend deactivated for non-enrollment still counts against a student's total time to degree.  Students who wish to withdrawal from their program should instead take steps to voluntarily discontinue or petition for an approved Leave of Absence.

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