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Voluntary Discontinue

A student may voluntarily resign, or "voluntary discontinue," from his or her program of study at any time. By voluntarily discontinuing, the student resigns one's place in the program and must reapply for admission if he or she chooses to return to the program at a later date. Readmission after a voluntary discontinue is subject to all departmental and University procedures and policies in place at the time of reapplication.

Students who voluntary discontinue must also withdrawal from all active enrollment via the withdrawal form and are subject to all Registrar deadlines and fees associated with withdrawal. Students who wish to complete their semester for a grade should work with the department to ensure that their voluntary discontinuance is submitted with an effective date after the current semester.

Deactivation for Non-Enrollment

Students who are not enrolled, on approved Leave of Absence, or voluntary discontinued by last Friday in October (for Fall) or March (for Spring) are automatically deactivated by the Registrar's Office. During this time, a student's KU ID is no longer active and all University services, including access to Enroll & Pay, are disabled.

Students who were actively enrolled in a degree-seeking program, but whose ID has been deactivated for non-enrollment, are eligible to return to active status via the Permit to Re-Enroll», provided that they return within one academic year.  Once returned to active status, all Registrar deadlines» for enrollment or late enrollment apply.

The permit to re-enroll form is not available to a student who:

  • was dismissed from a program at KU;
  • was voluntarily discontinued from a graduate program;
  • is currently on University Leave of Absence;
  • completed the graduate degree program; or
  • most recently enrolled as a non-degree seeking graduate student.

To further verify whether you qualify to return based on your last date of active enrollment, see the Permit to Re-Enroll Eligibility Chart», or contact the COGA office at

Students should note that time spent deactivated for non-enrollment does count against a student's total time to degree.  Only time away on approved Leave of Absence or after Voluntary Discontinue will "stop the clock" in regard to time allowed to complete the degree. Students who wish to leave their program are then strongly encouraged to take steps to do so officially via voluntary discontinue or petition for Leave of Absence.

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