College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

2014 Doctoral Fellows

2014 Doctoral Fellows


Shekhar Adhikari – Physics and Astronomy​  

Adhikari is a graduate of Tribhuvan University where he received both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in physics. He intends to continue his research at KU in the field of high energy physics.


Keely Brown – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Brown’s research focuses on the mechanisms by which evolution occurs – or does not occur – in flowering plants, microbial communities, and their intersection. Part of this will involve investigating the genetic basis for flower trait variation in populations. Her previous research focused on the genetic underpinnings of a trait variation in soybean directly caused by genetic modification.


Michael Eisenstadt – Communication Studies

Eisenstadt’s research analyzes rhetoric in contemporary liberal democracy, engaging issues such as the nation-state, the increasing sovereignty of multi-national corporations, and the ongoing transformations of liberal democracy. Rhetoric shines light on these issues by investigating the strategies used by corporations and dissent groups vying for hegemony over public discourse. Specifically, he interrogates these groups' strategies through the lens of public memory and neoliberalism.


Allison Meder – Speech-Language-Hearing

Meder investigates how teams of teachers, speech-language pathologists, and other school-based professionals can collaborate to support students with complex communication needs. This work seeks to improve communicative outcomes for students who use alternative forms of communication by supporting professional teams in the schools, and thereby addresses the need for professional development in communication across disciplines.​


Erik Wing – Clinical Psychology

Wing’s cardinal research interests concern the relationship between daydreaming and emotional states, using questions such as “what/when/how are you thinking,” to triangulate the answer to a different question, “how do you feel?”  Additionally, Wing is working with Associate Professor Stephen Ilardi on the continued development and evaluation of a novel, lifestyle-based treatment program for depressed patients: Therapeutic Lifestyle Change.​


Candice Wuehle – English

As a poet, critic, and editor, Wuehle's research focuses on generating fluidity between creative and theoretical modes. Her most recent publication, CURSE WORDS: a guide in 19 steps for aspiring transmographs, critically examines issues of etymology and etiology through the cross-genre modes of prose and poetry. Wuehle's forthcoming creative project dialogues with the ways in which incantation, spells and other forms of magic become social currency, as examined through a Marxist context.