College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

2017 Mentor Awards

Byron A. Alexander Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

Luis Corteguera – History

Luis Corteguera (right) and his students.

Corteguera Profile

Congratulations to Dr. Luis Corteguera, awarded the 2017 Byron A. Alexander Graduate Mentor Award! His students often refer to themselves as the “Corteguera Empire” because of the solidarity and support he provides and encourages among them. Here's one student: "Dr. Corteguera’s dedication and service to the graduate community and the department of history at the University of Kansas, his exemplary record of preparing and placing his graduate students, and his ability to foster meaningful mentor relationships, all while maintaining the highest level of scholarly research and publications, make him deserving of this recognition."

John C. Wright Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

William Barnett – Economics

William Barnett (second from left) and his students.

Barnett Profile

Congratulations to Oswald Distinguished Professor of Macroeconomics William Barnett, awarded the 2017 John C. Wright Graduate Mentor Award! "Prof. Barnett’s courses are always engaging and offer depth and insights of economics studies. He inspires us by talking about his personal or research experience, and he often invites famous people in the field to give talks in class or in seminars. He encourages students to learn from and interact with scholars. Such opportunities are rare in other courses and are indeed very beneficial to students like me who want to broaden horizons."