College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

2020 Mentor Awards

Byron A. Alexander Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

James Bever - Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

James Bever

Dr. Bever is a Senior Scientist at the Kansas Biological Survey and Distinguished Foundation Professor for the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Specifically, Dr. Bever's research focuses on testing basic ecological and evolutionary processes occurring within plants and their associated fungi. Almost every one of Dr. Bever’s many recommenders noted his kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness, and earnest care for his students, while also pushing forward innovation and their academic achievement. One student commented, “He seems to have an unshakable faith in our abilities and potential, and I think that his firm confidence in us make us believe in ourselves—an invaluable quality in a mentor”. Congratulations to Dr. Bever!


John C. Wright Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award

Jarron Saint Onge - Sociology & Population Health (KUMC)

Jarron Saint Onge

Dr. Saint Onge has a joint appointment as an Associate Professor for the Department of Sociology, as well as the Department of Population Health in the School of Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Dr. Saint Onge's principle research focus is on the social determinants of population health and health disparities by race/ethnic and socioeconomic status. Dr. Saint Onge’s numerous recommenders commented on his commitment to the professional development students throughout all phases of their academic careers, as well as the excellence he shows in providing personal support and guidance. One student noted, “As a mentor, he is available, energetic, and demanding, relentlessly encouraging students to perform at their highest ability”. Congratulations to Dr. Saint Onge!