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Handbook Guide

The Interactive CLAS Guide to Graduate Student Handbooks (PDF) is a comprehensive guide to the most essential content for graduate student handbooks.  It is intended as a useful resource for departments; it does not constitute new policy.  The guide may be used by program faculty and/or staff to develop a new graduate student handbook, or to update an existing handbook.

Word documents that may be integrated into an existing graduate student handbook:

  • Key Offices at KU - A directory of key offices on campus for graduate students. For each office, a description of services and a link to the office's website is included.
  • University Policies and Degree Requirements - A guide to University policies and requirements that most commonly affect graduate students. The document includes links to descriptive content on COGA or Graduate Studies webpages, as well as links to the KU Policy Library.

Presentation on Graduate Handbook Template»

Guide to Alumni Outreach and Engagement

Guide to Alumni Outreach and Engagement

Guide to Graduate Data Sources

Guide to Graduate Data Sources

Other Resources

Tracking Student Progress

Example:  Student Progress To Degree

Template: Student Progress to Degree

Template: Student Contact Log

Example: Departmental Time Limit Extension Form for Internal Time Constraints

Mentoring and Advising

          Resource: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Annual Review Forms

          Resource: Mentoring Agreement

          Resource: Faculty Mentoring Guide (University of Washington)»   

Professional Development & Careers

Template: Alumni Tracking

Example:  Publicizing Career Outcomes (UNC-Chapel Hill, Geography Department)»

          Example: KU Slavic Languages and Literatures (Alternative Careers under Professionalization tab)