Graduate Recruitment and Retention Fund


The College’s Graduate Recruitment and Retention Fund (GRRF) was created using dollars from the former KU Tuition Grant Program (KUTG). A total of $138,000 has been allocated to the College to support scholarships directed at recruiting and retaining graduate students.

Graduate programs may submit an application for a unit-level award that can then be used to provide individual scholarships to students of the graduate program’s choosing. At least 11 unit-level awards will be made.

Graduate programs, both master’s and doctoral, may request up to $10,000 to be used for individual graduate student scholarships. In light of recent budget cuts, this year’s awards will be focused on the retention of current students, particularly those nearing completion of the degree. Programs may receive less than the full amount requested.

Call for Nominations

Student Eligibility

Unit-level awards must be allocated as individual scholarships that will be applied directly to the student’s account and may be used by the student for any purpose. The maximum scholarship amount per student is $5,000. Departments may choose to award smaller scholarships, but in no case should the scholarship amount be less than $1000.

Eligible students:

  • Continuing master’s or doctoral students in good academic standing.
  • Enrolled full-time and in accordance with University and departmental requirements for the semester in which they are to receive the award.

Ineligible students:

  • Students pursuing a graduate certificate only
  • Non-degree seeking graduate students.

Graduate students with other funding sources ARE eligible. Students are NOT required to complete the FAFSA.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted using the online application form on the COGA website. Departments must indicate the total amount requested and the number of individual scholarships they intend to provide. The application should briefly describe (2000-character limit) how these awards will support retention priorities for their master’s or doctoral program. If departments already know which students will benefit from the award, this information should be included.

While scholarships are applied to student accounts and may technically be used by the student for any purpose, programs should describe how they will target these funds, e.g., to help cover tuition expenses for unfunded students, to support conference or research travel, or to pay for specialized training. Departments could also choose to designate some or all of these funds to provide general financial support to promising students who are at high risk for attrition due to financial difficulties (e.g., due to medical or child-care costs).

Award Decisions

Award decisions will be based primarily upon the program application, but additional program data may be consulted. The College will make every effort to notify departments of award decisions by May 14, 2021.

Scholarships may be allocated for Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and/or Summer 2022. All funding must be allocated to individual students no later than June 1 for Fall 2021 scholarships, November 1 for Spring 2022 scholarships, and April 1, 2022 for Summer 2022 scholarships. Failure to allocate all funds by the final April 1, 2022 date will lead to forfeiture of any remaining funds and ineligibility for the next cycle of awards.

Programs awarded funding will receive detailed instructions on how to allocate the student scholarships.

If you have questions or would like more information, please email or call 785-864-4201.

Deadline and Nomination Form

Application materials must be submitted by Noon on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 using the online form. Late applications will not be accepted.