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Master's Degree Checklist

ATTENTION: Please contact your Graduate Coordinator with questions regarding gradaution requirements. If needed, in-person appointments with a COGA staff member are available Tuesday-Thursday. Zoom appointments and appointments on Monday or Friday may be available by request. Please contact the COGA office,, to schedule an appointment. Please note, we accept all student forms and paperwork electronically.  

For more information on completing your final defense exam, please visit our Exams Frequently Asked Questions page. Be sure to contact your department to discuss your options in light of COVID-19 social distancing recommendations. 

This checklist is intended to guide students in the final stages of degree completion.  To be considered a degree candidate in any given semester, all degree requirements must be fulfilled and required documentation submitted no later than the University-wide Application for Graduation deadline. 

The University has also established an early degree completion deadline that some students may wish to take advantage of.  If a student meets all departmental and University requirements by this deadline, and was enrolled during the previous semester, he or she is not required to enroll for the current semester.  This deadline falls approximately two weeks after the start of the Fall and Spring semesters, one week after the start of the Summer session. 

To qualify for a Spring 2022 degree, all requirements must be completed by the Spring 2022 Graduate Application for Graduation Deadline, Friday, May 13thGraduate students who complete all requirements on the list below by Tuesday, February 1st, the Spring 2022 Early Graduation Deadline, will receive a Spring 2022 degree, but are not required to enroll for the Spring 2022 term.


Non-Thesis or Final Project Option:

⇒Apply for Graduation (AFG)

⇒Consult with your department/advisor

  • Confirm that all academic requirements for the degree have been met, and that they have submitted your final exam outcome online (PtD form).

Thesis Option:

⇒Apply for Graduation (AFG)

⇒Electronic Thesis Submission

⇒Title page and Acceptance page with signatures

  • Title page requires a majority of committee members’ signatures. Electronic signatures will be accepted. 
  • Acceptance page requires only committee chairperson’s signature. An electronic signature will be accepted. 
  • These pages must comply with the formatting guidelines. Please see the following links for templates».
  • Scan and submit signed pages via email to  Original/paper copies are not required. 

⇒ETD Release Form submitted

  • Please review and sign the KU Electronic Thesis and Dissertaton (ETD) Release Form.  There is also a separate Creative Writing ETD Release Form for reserved for students completing a program of study in creative writing.  
  • COGA provides the School/College signatures at the bottom of page one.  Please leave those lines blank.
  • The title of your this as written on this form must match exactly the final title of the electronic thesis submission.
  • If you need to place an embargo on your dissertation, you must also obtain the signature of your department's Director of Graduate studies, Chairperson, or your committee chair on the bottom of page two.
  • Scan and submit both pages of signed document via email to  An original or paper copy is not required. 
  • For questions about how to complete the ETD Release form and for additional information about embargos and copyright, please refer to COGA's ETD Form FAQs sheet and the KU Libraries' Copyright for Theses and Dissertations Resources page.

⇒Consult with your department/advisor

  • Confirm that all academic requirements for the degree have been met, and that they have submitted your final exam/defense outcome online (PTD form).

⇒Fees paid to UMI/ProQuest (optional)