Kate Pleskac

Kate Pleskac
  • Senior Graduate Coordinator
  • Mathematics, Economics

Contact Info

Snow Hall, Room 433


Kate’s primary job is to ensure a student’s successful progression through their MA or Ph.D program.

Her responsibilities are to:

  • Connect students with available resources 
  • Guide students through the GTA/GRA hiring process
  • Recruit and assist prospective students
  • Advocate for students as College-wide administrative processes/policies evolve
  • Verify that students have fulfilled all program and University requirements for their degree
  • Ensure that documentation required for graduation is correctly submitted

Kate loves new tech, tips & tricks, keyboard shortcuts…basically anything that can make life easier. She graduated from the University of Iowa with degrees in Journalism and Sociology. While a Midwest native, Kate has lived in 10 cities, 6 states, and 3 countries. She joined the COGA team in 2018.​