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The College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA) works with departments to strengthen the College's graduate programs, while supporting the progress of graduate students through their degree programs.


Associate Director
Graduate Affairs Associate


Governance Associate

Professional Development

Nicole Reiz
Program Manager, Professional Development & Communications

Student Services & Advising

gray scale Jayhawk
Graduate Academic Advisor -- , Chemistry
Graduate Academic Advisor -- , Political Science, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion
Corinne Butler
Graduate Academic Advisor -- , Anthropology, Gerontology, Sociology, Religious Studies
Graduate Academic Advisor --, Film & Media Studies, Theatre & Dance, Visual Art
Graduate Academic Advisor -- , Molecular Biosciences
Graduate Academic Advisor --, Geology, Geography and Atmospheric Sciences
Graduate Academic Advisor -- , African & African American Studies, American Studies, History of Art, Indigenous Studies, Museum Studies
Kirsten Hermreck
Graduate Academic Advisor -- , Psychology
Cari Ann Kreienhop
Senior Graduate Academic Advisor --, Master's in Public Affairs and Administration
Graduate Academic Advisor--, Communication Studies, Center for East Asian Studies, Center for Global and International Studies, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Center for Russian, Eastern European & Eurasian Studies, Graduate Certificate in Peace & Conflict Studies
Aley Pennington
Graduate Academic Advisor --, Classics, East Asian Languages and Cultures, French & Italian, Germanic Languages & Literatures, Philosophy, Slavic Languages & Literatures, Spanish & Portuguese, Second Language Studies Grad Certificate
Kate Pleskac
Graduate Academic Advisor -- , Economics & Math
A photo of Joel Sauerwein
Graduate Acadmic Advisor --, Physics and Astronomy
Image, Mary Strickell
Graduate Academic Advisor -- , , English, History
Graduate Academic Advisor -- , Speech-Language-Hearing, Applied Behavioral Science
Ryan Zeigler
Graduate Academic Advisor -- ,, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology