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Enrollment Status

KU defines full-time graduate enrollment as 9 credit hours and half-time as 5 hours. For summer session, full-time enrollment is 6 credit hours, while half-time enrollment is 3 credit hours.  If a student is enrolled in fewer hours than half-time, then that student is considered to be enrolled part-time.  Graduate students are not normally permitted to enroll for more than 16 hours a semester or more than 8 hours in summer session

While these are KU’s definitions of full-, part-, and half-time enrollment, financial aid providers may have different definitions. Be sure to consult with your financial aid provider before making enrollment decisions.  Students with GTA appointments, GRA appointments, GI Bill funding, or dissertation hours are subject to different definitions of full-time and half-time enrollment.

Failure to enroll or delays in enrollment directly impact the student's enrollment status and can cause the student to incur additional expense.  Students not enrolled by the first day of classes will be assessed a $150 late fee to enroll.  Students who wish to leave their graduate program should inform the department of such plans in writing so that a Voluntary Discontinue form may be filed on his or her behalf.  Students not enrolled by the last Friday in October (Fall semesters) or the last Friday in March (Spring semester) will be automatically deactivated in Enroll & Pay.

Student's who wish to apply for a temporary leave from the graduate program should contact the department to petition for a Leave of Absence.  Leaves of one to three semesters, including summer session, may be requested. A Leave of Absence allows the student to temporarily suspend enrollment without discontinuing his or her place in the graduate program.

Special enrollment requirements apply to post-comprehensive doctoral students.

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