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Leave of Absence

An approved Leave of Absence allows a student to take a temporary break from graduate study and enrollment requirements while remaining in good standing with the University and his or her department. Leaves can last anywhere from one to three semesters (including the summer session).  Time during an approved leave does not count toward the student’s time to degree and the student does not have to reapply to the program when he or she returns.  It is expected that the student is temporarily ceasing work toward the degree and is in no way utilizing University resources during the period of leave. 

A student must petition for a Leave of Absence, but leaves may be granted for a variety of reasons, including illness, emergency, family responsibilities, financial hardship, military deployment, or full-time activities related to long-range professional goals.

A student wishing to request a Leave of Absence should contact his or her adviser in advance.  If the department supports the leave request, the adviser, Director of Graduate Studies or designated staff person will work with the student to to complete the LOA Petition Form and submit the form to COGA.

In order for a Leave of Absence to be approved, the student must be withdrawn from all active and/or future enrollment.  Withdraw for the purposes of Leave of Absence is still subject to all Registrar deadlines», required forms, and applicable tuition and campus fees. 

Students on Leave of Absence are automatically reactivated after their leave is over and are eligible to enroll for their intended semester back during the normal enrollment periods.  See the KU Academic Calendar» for exact dates that enrollment periods begin.

If at any time plans change and a student wishes to return and enroll before leave was supposed to end they may contact their department to be reactivated early. 

Students who are uncertain about their desire to return to the program, or who are seeking to leave the program for longer periods of time, may instead opt to voluntarily discontinue from the program.  Such students may reapply for the program at a future date, should they decide to return.  In every case, students should discuss their options with his or her adviser.

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