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Graduate Policies

The links provided below are the most frequently consulted University and College policies and regulations governing graduate study at KU.  The list is not necessarily exhaustive. 

Links followed by CLAS in parentheses are drawn from the CLAS Graduate Catalog.  They may contain reiterations of University policy and/or College-specific policies.  All other links are pulled from the KU Policy Library.  Please consult the Policy Library and the College section of the current Academic Catalog for further policy information. 

Graduate Admissions

Graduate Courses and Enrollment

  • Discontinued Enrollment» - Defines discontinued enrollment. (KU Policy Library)
  • Dismissed Enrollment, Graduate Studies» - Defines the expectations and procedures for dismissing a graduate student who fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress. (KU Policy Library)
  • Enrollment Regulations  (CLAS) - Provides an overview of full-time, half-time and part time enrollment, continuous enrollment for Master's students, post-comprehensive enrollment for doctoral students, lapses in enrollment, and dual enrollments for students enrolled in two schools or working on two degrees at the same
  • Full-time Enrollment for Graduate Students»Defines full-time and part-time enrollment for graduate students. (KU Policy Library)
  • Grading Regulations (CLAS) - Information on regulations governing the grading of graduate coursework including passing grades, incomplete and waiting grades, credit/no credit, plus/minus Grades, SP/LP/NP grading scale, and participation grades.
  • Grading, Graduate Studies» - Defines the grading scales appropriate to the several types of graduate course work. (KU Policy Library)
  • Graduate Coursework Expiration Dates» - Stipulates the maximum number of years for courses to count towards a graduate degree. (KU Policy Library)
  • Graduate Credit» (including transfer credit and reduced hour degrees) - Describes the terms in which Graduate credit will be applied to a degree plan. (KU Policy Library)
  • Graduate Studies Enrollment» - Defines the enrollment categories and the maximum enrollment levels for graduate study at KU. (KU Policy Library)
  • Master's Enrollment Requirements» - Defines when master's students must be enrolled. (KU Policy Library)
  • Seniors and Graduate Study (Coenrollment)»
  • Undergraduate Student Enrollment in Graduate Level Courses» - Defines the process by which undergraduate students may secure permission to enroll in and earn undergraduate credit for 800- or 900-level courses. (KU Policy Library)

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Graduate Degrees

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