Enrollment & Academic Status


You are expected to always fit into one of the following enrollment categories while completing credits required for the fulfillment of your degree: Enrolled, Leave of Absence, Voluntarily Discontinued, or Dismissed.

If you are not in one of the categories listed above by the last Friday in October (Fall semesters) or the last Friday in March (Spring semester), you will be automatically deactivated in Enroll & Pay. During this time, your KU ID is no longer active and all University services, including access to Enroll & Pay, are disabled. If you were actively enrolled in a degree-seeking program, but your ID has been deactivated for non-enrollment, you are eligible to return to active status via the Permit to Re-Enroll, provided that you return within one academic year. Time spent deactivated for non-enrollment will count against your total time to degree. 

If you wish to withdraw from your program, take steps to voluntarily discontinue or petition for an approved Leave of Absence. If you are seeking to change your status, you should discuss the situation with your individual program advisor in advance.  

You can visit the following pages for more information regarding each enrollment category. There are multiple definitions of full-time enrollment at KU, depending on employment and your progression in the program. Please note, special enrollment requirements apply, if you are a doctoral student, following the completion of your oral comprehensive exam. 

Related Policies & Processes

Late Enrollment Fees

  • Failure to enroll or delays in enrollment directly impact your enrollment status and can cause you to incur additional expense. If you enroll don't enroll by 11:59pm the day before the first day of classes you will be assessed a $150 late fee to enroll.

Post Comprehensive Enrollment

After completing the oral comprehensive exam, as doctoral students, you are required to be continuously enrolled each Fall and Spring semester until completion of your degree.

Transfer Credit

Are you looking to count coursework completed at another institution or coursework taken as a non-degree seeking student?