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About the College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA)

The mission of the College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA) is to support the quality, integrity, and growth of the College’s graduate programs and your academic as well as career success.

What We Do

COGA provides guidance and training to you and the departments on College and University policy, documents your graduate milestones, processes petitions for exceptions to policy, and facilitates practices of faculty governance for the College’s graduate programs. 

COGA provides direct administrative and advising support—including support of recruitment, retention, and public outreach—for 25 of the College’s graduate departments and programs. COGA also works with graduate staff at the Edwards campus to ensure continuity of graduate services regardless of program location.  

COGA administers multiple awards for College graduate students and faculty. 

COGA tracks national news and scholarly research pertaining to graduate education and seeks to strengthen communications and sharing of best practices across the College’s graduate programs.  

We work closely with KU’s Office of Graduate Studies, seeking their assistance in the interpretation of graduate policy, providing verification and documentation of degree completion, and providing feedback on university processes and practices that impact you and your graduate programs in the College.